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An introduction to
Project Expeditions 

Project Expeditions was formed in 1983 to specialise in soft adventure packages for the retired age group when at the time there was no other company doing so.

We are an independent, pioneering company, always looking for exciting new avenues to pursue in the world of travel. Indeed on many occasions we have ‘blazed a trail’ for others to follow. For example we were the world’s first travel company to obtain tourist permission to land on Komodo Island and observe the dragons. We were the first New Zealand adventure operator into China in a1983 and to Mongolia in1986. Since that time we have blazed trails through the jungles of Thailand, Borneo (both Malaysian and Indonesian), Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. We have taken groups to the top of Mt Kinabalu, rafted the Zambezi River, snorkeled with the seals in the Galapagos Islands and dived in cages to see the great white sharks off South Africa….all this for travellers over 50!

As such, we do not subscribe to the normal concept of escorted travel. Our tours are not for those who are content to be shepherded around in large groups, or simply wish to view tourist sights from the inside of buses. We like our groups to be between 12 and 16 and on some occasions we operate for numbers down to 6. Our policy is to immerse our travellers in the culture, geography and flora & fauna of the countries we visit, spend time with locals and to seek out enriching experiences few others would imagine.

Since 1983, we have escorted over 1000 travellers to all countries in Asia, many countries in Africa, South America and Australia.
Rick Wood – Managing Director
Rick is an award-winning travel broker with over 40 years' travel industry experience and a particular interest in soft eco/adventure tours for mature groups and individuals.

Rick is highly experienced in all forms of travel such as holiday packages, cruises, competitive airfares, coach tours etc and he has a huge in-depth knowledge of all destinations and worldwide cruising. Having visited over 80 countries, he has accrued a wealth of travel experience and this is invaluable in helping clients see the world as Rick has himself.

Being TAANZ bonded through Travel Connections Ltd provides Project Expeditions’ clients first rate consumer protection and best practice safeguards.

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